Who is Katie?

My name is Katie, just your typical 22 year old girl trying to find her way through this crazy thing we call life. My life revolves around school, my family, and lacrosse. I love the Red Sox, Patriots, and you’ll see me happiest watching any baseball game with a beer in hand with my loved ones.

     I go to school at a small, private, liberal arts school in Nebraska. I have completely fallen in love with the town that I live in for school and I consider it my true home. I have the most amazing friends at school and I can’t imagine how my life is going to change once I decide where I want to go to graduate school. I will be hopefully attending graduate school in the fall semester of 2018 but this is riding on how well I do on my GRE in February (AH!).  My ultimate career goal is to be a child and adolescent psychiatrist and to really focus on “at risk” teenagers so I can help this ever rising suicide statistic. My career and life goal stems from Austin, my best friend at 3 years old, tragically taking his life while we were in high school. After his passing I went through a whirlwind of emotions, that I am sure I will touch on sometime in this blog. But long story short, I want to try and prevent anyone from going through that. As far as relationships go, I have been very unsuccessful as I am as single as one can be. I hope to find the man of my dreams but as of right now, I am going to focus on myself and let God bring me to my guy when the timing is right. What else can I tell you about myself? I am a night owl, Harry Styles future wife, 20 piece chicken nugget addict, dog loving girl who has no idea what she is doing… can anyone else relate to that?

     My family is extremely important to me, but like all families we have our differences and crazy pasts. I have two brothers, Tyler is 26, and Spencer is 17. Tyler is an amazing, talented, and smart guy who I feel very blessed to be related to. Tyler is an extremely talented lacrosse player, he is on a semi pro lacrosse team (but I see a pro status in his future) and he is also one of Spencer’s high school lacrosse coaches. Tyler is what you imagine when you think of an all around guy or even person for that matter, which is extremely hard to follow in those footsteps. Spencer is one of the funniest, also talented, and sweetest boys you could meet. Spencer (which I call Buddy) is my best friend and seeing him grow up into this man he has is amazing. He is a varsity lacrosse player at one of the top high schools in Colorado, he is coached by some of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever seen. Spencer always brings light into my life and always knows how to make everyone laugh. What a true honor it is to be his big sister. Now going onto my dad, I am a true definition of a daddy’s girl and I am proud of it. I know a ton of daughters feel lucky to have their dad but I am so indescribably blessed to have him.  He is the purest form of selfless. I consider him one of my best friends and as we all wish our best friends happiness, therefore I am so delighted that he reconnected with his high school sweetheart five years ago and she makes him the happiest I have ever seen. Joan is the perfect fit to our crazy family and she is so calm and collected and an anchor and that is what I feel we have been missing.

     I have issues that I feel you can relate to, and I hope that I can write something that you can personally relate to and can help shed some light on the topic to help you. So come and read weekly thoughts I have and what is weighing on my heart. But feel free to send me anything you like and I will do my best to respond promptly.

 Love all of you xx.


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