5 things people never tell you about being 22…


Pressure to have everything figured out. Pressure to be engaged, married, or even having kids. Pressure to have a big girl job. Pressure to be financially stable. Pressure to be happy. Pressure to be mature. Pressure to be having the time of your life. Pressure to be healthy and in shape. Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. UNREALISTIC pressure. 

Being 22 has held so many different types of pressure that I feel almost everyday. It’s rarely said to feel this pressure but believe me it’s felt. I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of my friends my age who are engaged, married, or have kids. Okay, maybe I am not innocent in feeling this pressure because I have always thought that I would be engaged or married by the time I was 22 or 23. I have thought that I came close to finding that man and that’s what makes it even harder to be 101% single at 22. Maybe I don’t want to be married now because I am figuring out my life, but still the bittersweet feeling comes over me when another one of my friends get married or engaged. The problem with all of these pressure topics is that it’s important that we don’t fall into these pressures and let them affect us negatively. We are all on our own separate journey of life and we are in no competition or race against anyone but ourselves. 

2. School sucks but it is worth it

I know, I know, not all of us 22 year olds are in school but for those who are… it really sucks. Of course, college is supposedly the best time of our lives and although I agree with that for the most part… the school part gets in the way of the fun haha. I know we are in college to learn and get an education for our future careers and we are fortunate to be able to attend college it can in fact suck. But think about how amazing it will feel when you walk across that stage and be done. You may not be done with college in 4 years, it can take 5, 6, or even 9 years but it will be worth it. The best part? You did it. You put in all those crazy hours of studying, wrote a million essays, took thousands of tests and quizzes… but YOU did it. No one else but yourself. How cool and relieving is that? So if you graduated on time, congratulations I am very proud of you. But if you are taking longer than your peers… remember you are in no race and regardless of how long it takes, it is a HUGE accomplishment.


3. Poor. Broke & Ramen noodle.

Being 22 is fun. You can go out to the bars and get those 25 cent drinks on college night but being able to afford regular priced booze or even the McDonalds after the bars is the hard part of being 22. Being poor is apart of being an “young adult” and it blows but completely normal. If you are 22 and are financially stable… how? Without my amazing dad helping me out when I am in a rut, I don’t think I would be able to survive. Being a broke 22 year old makes me want to be done with school and be able to provide for myself even more. But this is not something that I think I am the only one… so ya, I wish you “adults” warned us about this. If they did warn me, I probably would’ve said no to adulting if I knew how real the struggle really was.

4. Relationships are a hit or miss

Speaking from a girls perspective, boys in this age group either come on wayyyy too fast, or they just want to hook up and have nothing to do with a relationship so I am confused to which is worse. I feel like since I am 22, I need to be in a relationship with someone I can see marrying since I am at that age and being in one for fun is a waste of time. Not to say my previous relationships when I was younger were for fun because I have always gone into relationships with the thoughts of a future… but its different now. I think guys my age (that song is my jam) for the most part want to have fun in college and not settle down which is fine because I am not completely ready to settle down unless I find Mr. Perfect. But ya, relationships at this age, as I am sure in any age, is freaking complicated af.

5. You will lose friends

This one is near to my heart because it is such a difficult part of being in your twenties. I have learned that the friends you once were around 24/7 in your teens have suddenly become a beautiful part of your past. From my own personal experience, once I started college and I started to experience new things and grow up essentially… I found that some of my old friends who hadn’t taken the same steps like college or tried to be independent… I guess I had essentially outgrown them. This is not to be spiteful or to portray that I feel I am any better than these people, it’s just a part of life. I will always love these friends that I have moved on from and friend breakups are really f-ing hard but I know it’s part of being in your twenties. This doesn’t mean that us 22 year olds will never reconnect with these people but we will lose friends for this chapter of our lives.


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